5 dogs at Windsor Battersea ready to be rehomed

READY to give a rescue pup a forever home? There are hundreds of unwanted dogs searching for a new owner in Berkshire.

We’ve found some absolute beauties who are ready to become your best friend.

Here’s five dogs at Windsor Battersea Dogs and Cats Home branch that are looking for a home.

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Royal Borough Observer:

Gorgeous Newfoundland Walt is one year’s old and is a bundle of joy.

He looking for very experienced, confident owners to give him the guidance, time and commitment he needs.

He has a strong character and although friendly with those he knows, he has shown worry around some new people and can be reactive.

Walt is playful with toys and enjoys treats; he loves a piece of carrot when he is being groomed and this helps to keep him occupied.


Royal Borough Observer:

Felicity the lurcher is a soft natured dog who can sometimes be a little worried with new situations and when meeting new people.

Once she knows you, her fun and lively character shines through and she loves to lean on you for a fuss. She will give you a lovely smile!

Felicity has found life in kennels stressful, and will need help settling into her new home, this may include getting her used to spending time alone as she currently just wants to be with people. She’ll need basic training from scratch and this may include house training.

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Royal Borough Observer:

This handsome foxhound is looking for an active home who are familiar with owning scent hounds.

His joyful character is something which will likely win new owners over but they must be prepared for the mental enrichment and stimulation he will need along side his daily exercise.


Royal Borough Observer:

This eight-year-old beagle came into care originally as an ex- breeding female from a puppy farm.

Elsa struggles in new situations and is unsure of people she doesn’t know, she very much stuck to one member of the household in her previous home and we would recommend multiple carers in a new set up who will all be part of her care.

Elsa will hide and avoid new people and she will need a set up where she can easily retreat and a quiet household where she can get the respite and comforts that she deserves,


Royal Borough Observer:

Hector the cockapoo is a sweet boy and is looking for very patient and understanding new owners who have experience of managing a dog with resource guarding.

Hector won’t be able to live with cats or dogs, as he would prefer not to share his food or toys. A quiet private garden will be required to give him the extra space he needs to relax and have training.

If you would like to rehome any of these dogs then register your details HERE.

Royal Borough Observer | Windsor