Berkshire’s favourite chocolate bar has been revealed and it’s a classic

The favourite chocolate bar from each county across the UK has been revealed – and there are some questionable choices.

Data from looked at Google Ads software to see what chocolate bar people in each county had been clicking on the most.

The people of Berkshire have spoken, and according to the data – the most populate chocolate bar is a Twirl.

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With delicious smooth and silky Cadbury covering the crumbly twirled ribbons, it’s clear to see why we love the bar so much.

Surprisingly, no other county in the UK picked the Twirl as their favourite, and it didn’t feature in the second place position for any county either.

Berkshire, we need to come together and stand up for the Twirl to get it the recognition it so truly deserves.

If you don’t agree, it could be much worse. Over in both Cheshire and West Yorkshire – the Bounty was chosen! Yes, the same Bounty that is always left until last in the box before it’s eventually binned.

The most popular chocolate bar according to the data over the whole of the UK is Snickers, which topped the list in a whopping 39 counties, including every single county in Northern Ireland.

Close behind, in second place was Toblerone, and taking home the bronze for the UK was Caramac.

What do you think? Do you agree that Twirl is the best chocolate bar? Let us know in the comments section!

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