Getting Slough’s children safely home from school next week

An emergency service has been set up to help pupils who can not get home from school.

The emergency extra minibuses will operate for the first two weeks of term as people adjust to getting back into the school routine.

They are being laid on by Slough Borough Council – after concerns arose that social distancing measures might reduce capacity on the buses usually taken by children, leaving them stranded.

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The council has arranged for four minibuses and drivers to be on standby each afternoon until September 18.

Parents and pupils are being asked to plan ahead and download their relevant bus company’s app before practising using it with their children, so they can stay up to date.

If they have been unable to get on board another bus within 30 to 45 minutes of being unable to use their usual one, they should return to school which will arrange for an emergency minibus to collect them.

The minibuses will be able to use the borough’s bus lanes.

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Cllr Rob Anderson, cabinet member for transport and environment, said: “There are so many variables but we are trying to remain as flexible as possible so that we can respond as needed so parents and children know that they will get home from school.”

As part of the fight against the coronavirus pandemic hand sanitisers have also been installed at 50 bus stops in the borough and at Slough bus station.

Visit the school travel website for more information.

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