GP Patient Survey reveals Windsor and Maidenhead’s best and worst practices

THE best and worst rated GP surgeries in Windsor and Maidenhead have been revealed according to the patients that use them.

The latest results of the GP Patient Survey 2021 were published on Thursday, July 8, after 9,424 questionnaires were sent out.

A total of 3,483 were returned completed, demonstrating a response rate of 37 per cent.

The GP Patient Survey measures patients’ experiences across a range of topics, including making an appointment, access to online services and out-of-hours services.

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Lee House Surgery was named the best surgery in the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead according to patients, with an overall approval rating of 95 per cent.

Linden Medical Centre, Ross Road Medical Centre, Claremont Holyport Surgery, The Cedars Surgery, Rosemead Surgery and South Meadow Surgery had approval rates of above 80 per cent overall.

However at the other end of the table, Redwood House Surgery was ranked at the bottom and scored just 74 per cent.

Clarence Medical Centre and Redwood House Surgery fell below the national average of 83 per cent.

Overall, 87 per cent of Windsor and Maidenhead were happy with the experience their received from their GP surgery.

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In terms of getting through to a staff member on the phone, which has been a widely reported problem since Covid lockdown restrictions were eased, Woodlands Park Surgery in Maidenhead came out on top with a performance score of 56 per cent.

Only 7 per cent of patients at Linden Medical Centre said it was ‘easy’ to get through to someone.

Here is the full list:

  1. The Cedars Surgery – 92%
  2. Woodlands Park Surgery – 92%
  3. Linden Medical Centre – 84%
  4. Ross Road Medical Centre -85%
  5. Claremont Holyport Surgery – 83%
  6. Lee House Surgery – 95%
  7. The Symons Medical Centre -92%
  8. Sheet Street Surgery -93%
  9. Clarence Medical Centre -79%
  10. Rosemead Surgery -89%
  11. Redwood House Surgery -74%
  12. South Meadow Surgery -88%

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