Greene King pubs near me: Why Platinum Jubilee pints are now free rather than 6p and where to get one

The Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday weekend is almost upon us. Many people will be looking forward to a four-day weekend from Thursday June 2 to celebrate 70 years of Queen Elizabeth II being on the throne.

All kinds of celebrations are taking place across the county, including Platinum Jubilee street parties that will see roads close across the country. There will also be a Jubilee flypast to mark the occasion as the country celebrates its longest serving monarch.

Among those getting into the spirit of things is pub company Greene King. The pub giant, which owns and runs hundreds of hostelries across the United Kingdom, had a very special offer in mind.

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More than 400 of its pubs across the country were today, Monday, May 30, meant to be giving out pints for 6p. To claim one punters had to simply use the code word ‘1952’ at the bar to get their massively discounted drink.

The reason 1952 was chosen is because it is the year the Queen took the throne. During that time, a pint down the pub was 6p.

Unfortunately however the scheme hit a snag and for the rest of the day Greene King is giving away free pints. It does however remain one per customer and you still have to be 18.

However, they hit a snag. And here’s the reason (and where you can get your free pint).

Why are Greene King now giving away pints for free rather than 6p?

As nice and novel as the original idea was, it seems to have fallen foul of the licensing act. It is not possible to sell beer for 6p – hence Greene King has decided to go for the free option.

A Greene King spokesperson said: “Our pub and brewery teams are so excited to be celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee with a variety of events this week. One of the ideas we had was for a promotion in 400 of our managed pubs where customers could buy one pint each of Greene King IPA for 6p today – the same price it was in 1952.

“We thought this was a great way to celebrate this remarkable occasion and we’ve been thrilled at the response from customers. However, we have some good news for everyone, which is that we will now be giving the Jubilee first pint of Greene King IPA away free of charge today, as we now understand it’s not permissible under the licensing act to charge the 6p.”

Where are the Greene King pubs near me?

Drinkers living in Berkshire are in luck. BerkshireLiv e has compiled this handy list of pubs in the county that are taking part – including pubs in Reading, Bracknell and Wokingham.

For everyone else, Greene King has provided a handy location finder. The Green King spokesperson added: “Just remember to use the keyword ‘1952’ and check whether your local pub is running the offer plus further details at Cheers everyone.”

So there you go. There could be a free pint with your name on it. And given this is the country’s first ever Platinum Jubilee it could be a while before you get another one.

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