Hundreds sign petition to keep beloved horse drawn carriages outside Windsor Castle

HUNDREDS of people have pleaded to the council to keep a ‘valuable’ tourist attraction outside Windsor Castle.

Peter Langthorne, who runs the Windsor Horse Drawn carriages, set up the petition following the announcement that streets in the Royal Borough will become pedestrianised.

The Windsor Carriages takes tourists around a tour of Windsor Castle, the Deer Park and down the famous Long Walk, following in the footsteps of the Royal Family.

It is the only horse carriages operating in the town and has operated by permission of the Crown Estate since 1849.

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However, Windsor risks losing the tourist attraction if Castle Hill becomes pedestrianised.

Peter wrote on the petition: “The council are pedestrianising Castle Hill in Windsor where the horse-drawn hackney carriage operate from. A very valuable tourist attraction.

“Moving this to another location away from the tourists and visitors this will undoubtedly have a very adverse effect on whether we will still be able to operate.”

Almost 600 people have signed the petition calling to keep the horse-drawn carriage outside Windsor Castle.

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Heather Lee spoke to the News about why she has signed the petition.

She said: “Peter kindly taught me how to drive my own horses as a pair. He is my inspiration and I will be sad to see him no longer driving his beautiful horses around Windsor.”

Charlotte Finegan, who worked for Windsor Horse Drawn Carriages, said: “By moving the stopping sight not only is the company effected but the tourists too.

“They will be missing out on an enjoyable and educational trip around seeing the sights of Windsor not even many locals know. There has never been any issues with the horses being where they have for years. No reason to change it now.”

Another resident said: “I’m signing because they are a part of our history and heritage…a bit of nostalgia in our world of high tech and fast cars….(which we can do without)”.

It comes after Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead ramped up enforcement powers around the borough.

At a full meeting in April, councillors approved a new public spaces protection order (PSPO) following a consultation to clamp down on reckless riders zooming through pedestrianised zones in High Street, Maidenhead, and Peascod Street, Windsor.

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The Royal Borough’s community wardens have been patrolling pedestrianised no-cycling zones in Maidenhead and Windsor to raise awareness of new enforcement powers allowing them to tackle cyclists who don’t dismount.

Because of this pedestrianisation, the Windsor Carriages may no longer be able to operate.

RBWM has been contacted for a comment.

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