‘I ate a Mac and Cheese burger at Reading Festival and I was such a fool’

One of the most important parts of Reading Festival is, of course, the food on offer.

Spending the day drinking and dancing to your favourite bands and artists requires some serious energy and therefore some serious grub.

You’re burning a lot of calories and need to keep your belly full and happy.

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Fortunately there are tonnes of options available to festival-goers from sweet tweets like churros and waffles to classic dishes like a roast dinner neatly packed in a Yorkshire pudding.

It can be quite daunting seeing the hundreds of food stalls in the arena, so to help you decide where to spend your money we’ve reviewed one of the more unique offerings.

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Dotted a few times around the site are bright orange stalls called ‘Mac & Cheese Burger’ – you won’t be shocked to hear that they are selling burgers, topped with mac and cheese.

Two dishes both delicious in their own right and uniquely paired together – what could go wrong?

BerkshireLive journalist, Alice Cunningham, took on the challenge to see just how good the burgers really were.

The hunt for some lunch

Mac & Cheese Burger can be found dotted around the arena at Reading Festival

After spending my Saturday morning (August 28) walking around the festival arena, I was naturally starting to get hungry around 1pm.

After clocking the Mac & Cheese Burger stall, I knew exactly what I was treating myself to. No time for anything sweet and chocolatey, I needed something proper.

I know what you’re already thinking though – that sounds gross, right? In my head I thought, ‘burgers and mac and cheese, what’s not to love?’.

So confidently I strutted over and asked for my burger and to my upset, the stall’s card machines weren’t working and it couldn’t take any orders.


It wasn’t bad news though as I hadn’t realised their were other Mac & Cheese Burger stalls across the arena.

I ran over with glee and ordered the burger along with a Pepsi Max which cost me altogether £11.50 . A bit too pricey for my liking but it had to be done for the cause, and it’s typical arena prices.

I literally only had to wait three minutes before the burger was placed into my hand. Time to roll.

An odd combination…

My lunch in all its glory

It looked like a solid burger.

A nice coloured bun, a hefty amount of mac and cheese, and a not bad looking piece of meat. I couldn’t wait to tuck in.

Stupidly I decided to walk back to the guest area I had been relaxing in away from the crowds and music, which was a five to 10 minute walk. I paid the price for this later on.

Eventually I sat down on a bench and got to tuck into this delightful looking burger.

I picked it up in my hands out of the cardboard and sadly a quarter of the pasta fell out. But I quickly got over it and took my first bite.

It was odd. I’d never have pasta in a burger before, so it was an insanely weird combination.

But the taste wasn’t at all bad. The cheese from the pasta naturally went well with the burger itself, so overall it was a pretty good dish.

I did however immediately notice it had all gone cold which was completely my own fault. I could only imagine that if hot it would have been decent.

The pasta that had fallen out of the burger

The lack of warmth also meant the cheese had slightly solidified meaning I could have done with sauce to make it less dry.

After finishing it off, I still had all the pasta that had fallen out which was a struggle to eat mainly because I was super full.

I like to think I’m a tank when it comes to polishing off food, however, so I pushed on and got the job done.

All I had left to enjoy was my lovely Pepsi Max that I knew would help replenish my tastebuds.

I smashed it.


Part of the menu on offer at Mac & Cheese Burger

Overall I would totally recommend this burger to any festival-goers this weekend.

If you’re looking for something stodgy to line your stomach with before your drinking sesh then this is definitely what you need.

Generally it’s pretty tasty too in my opinion. The pasta was well cooked and had a nice covering of cheese and the burger wasn’t too thick or thin.

It had been perfectly cooked and the bun itself was light.

I was very pleased about the bun as there’s really nothing worse than a thick bun you can’t bite through.

The only thing I would urge is that you should definitely eat this while hot. Don’t be a fool like me.

If mac and cheese burgers aren’t your thing though don’t worry there are other options.

There are pasta pots to choose from, burgers without pasta and with other options like bacon and hot dogs.

There’s also delicious-sounding Oreo milkshakes as well.

So if you’re at Reading Festival this weekend make sure you give them a try!

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