‘I ate at Raheem Sterling’s favourite Slough chicken shop and the chips were better than McDonald’s’

Most of us aren’t lucky enough to have ever spotted our favourite footballer at our local chicken shop.

But for Raheem Sterling fans, this dream became a reality last year when he was spotted outside Slough’s Chicken Delite.

The shop even marked his appearance on their Facebook page, with the Manchester City player posing outside for a picture.

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I never thought I’d hear about a Premier League player hanging out on Farnham Road, but there’s a first time for everything.

Sterling was also seen buying dinner for two homeless women and left staff a £20 tip.

So I figured if Chicken Delite was good enough for Sterling, it would be good enough for me to try out.

Their food even left one American diner dreaming about their “blackish spicy sauce” all the way from the states, so I was excited to see what all the fuss was about.

Fillet burger, chicken wings and chips.
The food stayed hot even after the 15-minute drive home
(Image: Berkshire Live)

I asked the worker what was popular and he suggested I try the chicken fillet burger with the special “black-ish spicy sauce” I’d heard about.

He also suggested the chicken wings so I thought I’d get that too. After all, it is a chicken shop.

The fillet burger meal with chips and a drink cost £5 which is a little higher compared to other chicken shops I’ve visited – but I was not disappointed.

I was impressed to find that the food had stayed hot after the 15-minute drive home.

The famous sauce on the burger had a nice tingle feeling without being too spicy. However, I did tell the staff I don’t like food that’s too spicy so they may have included less than normal.

The burger overall was slightly greasy for me but had a nice taste to it with the sauce. Although I asked for no lettuce, there was a little bit in there.

Chicken Delite Slough menu
Three wings cost £1.50 but you can get six wings for £2.80
(Image: Berkshire Live)

The chips with the chilli sauce were super addictive and I found myself reaching over for them more than the burger. They weren’t greasy or too salty compared to McDonald’s chips which are normally drowning in salt.

The wings tasted nice with the chilli sauce, but were pretty much the standard against other chicken shops I’ve visited. They were also not too spicy but had a nice flavour.

The staff were friendly and polite and helped Chicken Delite to live up to its name.

The shop was there in a (very) hungry reporter’s time of need and did not let me down.

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