Maidenhead business park will have 14 brand new flats added

PLANS to build fourteen flats in a business park were given the greenlight by councillors.

Panel members of the Royal Borough Development Management panel unanimously voted for the car park on the east of Maiden House on Vanwall Road, Maidenhead, to be developed to 14 units.

The scheme will provide three one-bedrooms, eight two bedrooms, and three three-bedrooms with 25 car parking spaces and three visitor spaces.

All ground floor flats have access to private amenity space and the upper floor flats will have balconies – although the report states they are below the size standards advised within the Borough Design Guide.

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No affordable housing was included with the application.

Royal Borough Observer:

An objection was received from the neighbouring Aurora House saying this development would obscure the front of the building and block natural light.

The applicant, Julian Sutton, said this objection was considered ‘without merit’ as the proposed building will have a 28-metre separation distance from it – which would have no adverse impact on the Aurora House.

Councillor Joshua Reynolds (Liberal Democrats: Furze Platt) said he was ‘slightly disappointed’ more homes in business parks are being seen – but supported the application.

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He said: “Although it is in a business park – it is a new block in the business park rather than an office which is being redeveloped again.

“Often when we get these office developments, you can end up with pillars in the middle of a living room – which is something we want to avoid for our high-quality of life for our residents.”

Councillor Geoff Hill (The Borough First: Oldfield), who voted for the application, speculated the borough may see more offices and their car parks turning into residential units in a post-Covid-19 world as working from home starts to become the norm.

The Maiden House – which the site is adjacent to – was recently converted to provide 36 flats.

Panel members approved the plans on August 19 (Wednesday).

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