Maidenhead pub brawl: Four avoid jail despite ‘mayhem’

FOUR young adults involved in a pub brawl which spilled onto Maidenhead high street have avoided jail despite causing “mayhem” on a drunken night-out.

Harry Salcedo, Jonathan Bannister, Bailey Greene and Danni Hutton were slammed for their “disgraceful” behaviour more than two years ago.

Reading Crown Court today heard how punches, bricks and a traffic cone were thrown in a scrap which lasted “several minutes”.

Despite this, none of them will spend time behind bars and will instead carry out unpaid community work.

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The fight occurred two years ago in February 2019 after a fight broke out between Harry Salcedo and Jonathan Bannister at around 2.50am, with the former throwing the “first punch”.

Bannister, of Stanhope Road, Slough, was seen “on top” of Salcedo, of Wessex Way, Maidenhead, after the scrap was taken outside The Rose pub on King Street.

Friends of the duo and bar staff broke up their scuffle before Salcedo’s friend, Bailey Greene, of Radcot Close, Maidenhead, ran back up King Street to confront Bannister at 3am.

Prosecutor Timothy Forster said Greene was “clearly looking for a fight.”

Salcedo, who had got back involved in the scrap, then punched Bannister “quite hard in the face”.

Greene picked up a traffic cone and threw it at some bystanders, injuring one of them after it hit him in the face.

Danni Hutton, of Sawyers Close, Windsor, then appeared claiming she saw Bannister attacking a woman.

In an act of “self-defence”, she picked up a brick and hit Bannister in the side of the head with it, before picking up another one and throwing it at him.

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The police then arrived and Bannister was arrested. At this point, he was said to be “very unco-operative” with both police and paramedics.

The three others — Hutton, Greene and Salcedo — were later arrested and gave “no comment” interviews to police.

Mr Forster added: “This was sustained violence. It was a fight that went on for several minutes.”

Defending for Salcedo, Tom Blackburn said the defendant was ‘remorseful’ and that he “can’t undo what he did but wishes he could.”

Bannister’s defence counsel, Scott Primmer, said his client could “barely recognise himself” in CCTV of the incident.

Bailey Greene wrote a letter to the sentencing judge which was read out by defence counsel Georgia Lassoff.

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In it, he said he had “matured a lot” since the fight, and that he was “sorry for his actions.”

Danni Hutton, a new mum of an 18-month-old, was “extremely remorseful” following her involvement in the scrap, her defence counsel Timothy Kiely said.

Sentencing, recorder Bate-Williams said he could not distinguish culpability for the fight between Greene, Salcedo and Bannister and said the brawl amounted to “mayhem.”

He said: “This was a disgraceful incident of violent disorder causing huge concern to onlookers and residents.

“It is unacceptable that young people are unable to control their intake of alcohol.

“Neither the police nor paramedics should have to get involved with drunk young people.”

All four defendants were handed suspended prison sentences by the Recorder.

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Danni Hutton, 25, and Bailey Greene, 23, who were convicted of assault occasioning actual bodily harm and affray, were given 12 month suspended terms.

Harry Salcedo, 21, and Jonathan Bannister, 23, who were both convicted of affray, were given 8 month suspended terms.

All four were told to carry out 150 hours of unpaid work (with Hutton given 100 hours) and all four told to take part in rehabilitation activity days.

The quarter appeared at Reading Crown Court on Thursday, June 24. 

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