Man who burn Maseratis in Wraysbury avoids jail time

A LONDON man who set fire to two Maserati sports cars more than four years ago has been spared a prison sentence.

Nooralden Alkattab, of Acton Lane, Ealing, caused £59,000 worth of damage after burning the vehicles in Wraysbury, near Windsor, in May 2017 with his uncle.

Prosecuting, Stephen Donnelly said this was “evidently a revenge attack” as the duo used petrol to destroy the cars while the owner was asleep.

But Reading Crown Court heard how Alkattab played a “secondary” role and was “exploited” by his family member.

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Defending, Howard Cohen said the 31-year-old showed a sense of “naivety” and “loyalty” when agreeing to torch the cars with his uncle.

He said: “These are the misguided motives behind what the jury found this defendant did in 2017.

Royal Borough Observer:

“He is of good character, he has been in the country since 2005 and has not committed any offences.”

Alkattab, the manager of a pizza shop, was told this was his uncle’s “mission” and his “misguided” motivations caused him to go along with the scheme by Judge Kirsty Real.

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Sentencing, she said: “He wanted to set fire to the cars and you facilitated that.

“You have put yourself in a really serious position.”

Despite this, Judge Real handed Alkattab a nine-month prison sentence suspended for 18 months due to his “previous good character” and his “lack of trouble” since the incident.

Instead, he was ordered to take part in 25 rehab days, carry out 80 hours of unpaid work, and pay costs of £1,500.

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Alkattab was sentenced at Reading Crown Court for arson on Monday, June 14.

Royal Borough Observer | Windsor