Pubs serving outdoor roast dinners to warm you up on a chilly Sunday

Of the many rituals put on hold by the pandemic, gathering for a family Sunday roast must be one of the most missed.

Fortunately, pubs and restaurants can now welcome diners back to their tables – as long as the tables are outside. And while many are offering only restricted menus, some are making the full roast available to alfresco diners.

Here are just some of the establishments offering this traditional feast – with non-meat options available in some places – in Berkshire.

The Victoria Arms, Binfield

This venue boasts a beautiful outdoor space, planted with young trees and floral borders. Diners give its food and value four out of five stars on TripAdvisor, and its service and atmosphere four-and-a-half stars.

And yes, according to pub owners Fuller’s, the venue is serving its traditional Sunday roasts in its picturesque garden. (You can book online.)

The firm even has a website where you can find ‘pubs serving Sunday roasts in Berkshire’, which include the Brunel-designed Three Guineas, next to Reading train station.

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The Bull Inn, Sonning-on-Thames

This picture-postcard, 16th century establishment was deemed worthy of a TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Award (TATCA) in 2020.

Its outdoor dining space is right next to the car park, but is lush with greenery and affords a view of the building’s beautiful black-and-white Tudor construction.

It’s another Fuller’s ale house, so you’re guaranteed a roast, according to their website (where you can also book a table now).

It’s also George Clooney’s local, so you never know who you might bump into!

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Lock Stock and Barrel, Newbury

Another Fuller’s venue, this pub is situated on the towpath of the River Kennet, with relaxing views of the waterway worthy of a Venetian trattoria.

And there’s plenty of outdoor space here, spread across the stone-flagged waterside and the pub’s boat-like terrace. Dinner on the upper deck? Book a table on the pub’s website now.

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The Fox at Peasemore, Newbury

As well as winning a TATCA last year, this venue has been rated number three of 103 restaurants in Newbury, by those who have dined there.

It also wins specific plaudits from users of the review platform for its roast meats, with one calling the turkey ‘well prepared’ and another calling the beef ‘delicious’.

Its outdoor space – dubbed the Outside Inn – is green and well-furnished, with ample cover from sun and rain.

And the pub’s website confirms that ‘on a Sunday we will also be offering traditional roast beef and Yorkshire pudding’. So head there and call to book a table now.

The Alma, Windsor

This TATCA-winning pub, which also wins praise on TripAdvisor for its roasts, has recently undergone refurbishment. It opened again on April 17.

There’s no indication that the menu is limited, so it looks like your chances of getting a good Sunday roast here are good. So visit their website and book a table now.

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The George, Windsor

There really is no reason to settle for a second-rate roast, with all of these award winners on your doorstep. Like several others on this list, The George won a 2020 TATCA and placed within the top 10 for a search of ‘roast beef’ on TripAdvisor.

Its Sunday menu offers roasted rib-eye of beef with Yorkshire pud, or roast chicken with stuffing and bread sauce. There’s no mention of a veggie roast per se, but the roasted Tex-Mex roasted sweetcorn sounds lush.

Dogs are also more than welcome – something they promote through Instagram using the #georgewoofpack hashtag. #YOLO, so see their website to book a table.

The Elm Tree, Reading

This delightful-looking country pub is situated in Beech Hill, with ample outdoor space looking over rolling green hills.

As well as boasting a 2020 TATCA, it’s also ranked 12 of 390 restaurants and second of 90 bars in Reading.

It advertises itself as ‘vegetarian friendly’ and with ‘vegan options’ – but if it’s roasted meats you’re after, then you could do much worse.

Indeed one diner described the roast beef – which, the pub’s website confirms, is very much on the Sunday menu ‘with all the trimmings’ – as ‘epic’.

And what good roast doesn’t finish with sticky toffee pudding? That’s an option too, served up with toffee sauce and ice cream. See their website to check out all the options and book a table.

The Crooked Billet, Henley-on-Thames

It’s not quite Berkshire, but it’s not far off – and reviewers suggest that the Sunday roast is worth the drive.

Indeed the restaurant, another TATCA winner, makes TripAdvisor’s top 10 for roast beef served in Berkshire, without even being in Berkshire.

What’s more, its website confirms that ‘roast sirloin of local beef’ sourced from Sonning Common is offered, alongside Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, cauliflower cheese, steamed vegetables, jus gravy – with a veggie alternative also available.

So don’t miss out on a top-notch Sunday roast. Head to the venue’s website and book a table now.

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