‘Three Amigos’ take over Burghfield pub Six Bells

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected pubs up and down the country in myriad different ways. For some it’s been a chance to take stock, others sadly, time to call it a day.

One pub though in Burghfield, the Six Bells on Reading Road has been given a new lease of life by three friends and pub regulars – Vinny Heavey, Zoe Matthews and Debbie Rumblow.

The pub had been run for 27 years by landlady Polly Bavin, who sadly passed away in October 2020.

For the trio, who call themselves ‘The Three Amigos’, it was a chance to move the pub on and pay tribute to the former landlady whose picture hangs on the wall. A memorial bench is also planned.

Speaking to BerkshireLive, Vinny said the third lockdown meant the team were coming into the lease in a position of strength: “It’s three of us friends running the pub, we’ve known it a long time and we felt it had a lot of potential.

“Stonegate, the pub company were very supportive and made us taking it over financially viable.

“Coming into the pub fresh during the third lockdown and opening after a few months meant it was a good time for us to negotiate.”

Plenty of work has taken place inside and out at the pub which dates back to the 19th century.

“We’ve renovated internally, we’re working on a professional kitchen and we’ve overhauled the garden. We’ve added more tables outside and it’s a nice place to be,” Vinny says.

The garden at the Six Bells in Burghfield.
The garden at the Six Bells in Burghfield.
(Image: Supplied)

There’s plenty of experience behind the bar as well. Not least Vinny who brews his own beer under the name Corrigans, but Debbie was previously the pub’s chef and manager: “I’ve been supplying pubs for 20 years, and the last five years I’ve been importing and distributing beer and I’ve been brewing and selling my own since January 2020.

“I’ve had a lot of experience in the trade but this is my first pub.

“Debbie has a lot of experience in pubs and Zoe deals with the financial matters.”

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What has the public reaction been though?: “It’s been a good reaction so far. We’ve been very busy. The locals have not been disappointed with what we’ve done. We’ve had a lot of new clientele as well, importantly they keep coming back and they’ve said ‘it’s the local pub we’ve been looking for’.

“Going forward, we’re starting food on Friday and we have a street food pop up. We’re partnering with Gourmet Queens who are well known up in the village and they will open a day cafe here serving great lunches and good coffee.

“Behind the bar, we have four real ale pumps, one will rotate with a regular guest beer as well. We’ll also have Corrigans available.”

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