Windsor and Maidenhead waste collection fiasco continues

ANGRY residents who were promised their missed bins would be emptied at the weekend have been left in the dumps.

In recent weeks, the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead (RBWM) and their waste collection contractor, Serco, have been under-fire from locals whose bins haven’t been collected for weeks in some cases since going back to weekly collections.

Additional work crews and trucks were dispatched to collect affected residents’ waste and recycling – which wasn’t emptied last Tuesday to Friday (September 8-11) – on the weekend.

However, despite efforts to deal with the backlog, some residents across the borough are still reporting to RBWM their waste has not been collected on Saturday or Sunday.

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Speaking to the Observer, councillor David Coppinger (Conservative: Bray), the new lead member for waste and environmental services, said a majority of missed bins have been collected over the weekend – but finds it ‘unacceptable’ a few households were left out.

He said: “I thought what I put in place last week we would’ve totally caught up – but we haven’t.

“In terms of numbers, it’s very few that were missed – but one is too many.”

A frustrated resident from the Garden House on London Road, Sunningdale, Denise Patrick, said her flat’s waste and recycling were completely missed on Saturday despite promises they would be picked up.

Ms Patrick – whose collection date is a Tuesday – said they haven’t been emptied for nearly four weeks and maggots and ants have infested the full bin.

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She said: “My fright now of going back in there today is looking at that food waste bin because it’s so smelly and horrible.

“I actually won’t put my food waste in there any more because all the liquid comes out on the floor and it just stinks.

“I think that’s why it’s full of ants and now my neighbour tells me we have maggots in there as well.”

She added she filled in the missed bin form and contacted RBWM officers about the missed collection as well as the previous occasions but to no avail.

In response, councillor Coppinger said the additional work crew on the weekend were from other contracts and were ‘not totally aware’ of the areas compared to the usual crews.

Cllr Coppinger added Serco got it ‘totally wrong’ when reviewing and recalibrating collection routes in order to make them more efficient.

He said: “I am doing nothing else as lead member in working with officers and Serco directors to get it sorted – but it’s still not there.”

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