Windsor deer park closed off to the public

Windsor Great Park visitors will have to find somewhere else to walk after the deer park was closed off to the public yesterday.

The Crown Estate, who run Windsor Great Park, explained it is to protect both deer and visitors during the rut season.

During deer mating season – known as rutting season – the deer can become unpredictable and dangerous while they compete for female attention until the season ends in November.

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At this time of year, the stags can be seen walking alongside one another threateningly, in a behaviour called parallel walking. They will stamp the ground and roar fiercely.

If two stags are of a similar size and these behaviours don’t sufficiently establish a winner, they will literally ‘lock antlers’ and fight for dominance. The fights are ferocious and decisive and the winner takes all.


The master stag will mate with all the hinds in a ‘harem’ which could be up to 20 or so hinds. The females give birth, after a winter pregnancy, in May or June.

According to the website, the deer park is closed “until further notice”.

This will be from Monday, October 11 and Thursday, October 28.

However, they updated residents on social media that they have closed the deer park as of Wednesday, October 6.

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